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We offer holistic massages – deep tissue and aromatherapy, along with a range of specialist treatments, such as Hopi candles and Indian head massages.
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Where can i purchase clomid, Where can i order clomid online

Using the finest grade oil for Aromatherapy.
[qode_pricing_list][qode_pricing_list_item price=”£36″ text=”30 mins”][qode_pricing_list_item price=”£44″ text=”45 mins”][/qode_pricing_list]

The Ivy Lodge Aromatherapy Massages

[qode_pricing_list][qode_pricing_list_item title=”BACK, NECK & SHOULDER” price=”£35″ text=”30 mins”][qode_pricing_list_item text=”45 mins” price=”£43″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”SWEDISH FULL BODY” text=”60 mins” price=”£48″][qode_pricing_list_item text=”90 mins” price=”£68″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”HOT STONE MASSAGE” text=”30 mins – Back ” price=”£39″][qode_pricing_list_item text=”60 mins – Full Body” price=”£60″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”PREGNANCY MASSAGE” text=”60 mins” price=”£50″][/qode_pricing_list]

Specialised Treatments

[qode_pricing_list][qode_pricing_list_item title=”INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE ” price=”£35″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Foot Massage” price=”£15″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Power Massage” price=”£75″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Hand & Arm Massage” price=”£10″][qode_pricing_list_item price=”£32″ title=”HOPI EAR CANDLES (45 minutes) “][/qode_pricing_list]