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When it comes to natural nails, Jessica Cosmetics is considered a world leading brand, with a range of Jessica nail products to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails.
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[qode_pricing_list][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Luxury Manicure (75 minutes) ” price=”£39″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Manicure (60 minutes) ” price=”£34″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Jessica File and Polish” price=”£20″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”French Polish ” text=”additional” price=”£4″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”IBX Nail Repair & Strengthening Treatment” text=”First of its kind; this penetrative treatment works inside the nail itself instead of sitting on top like traditional strengthening polish. Improves nail growth, and prevents splitting and tearing. Ideal to combine with Gel Polish treatments or on its own ” price=”£18″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Little Lady Manicure with Jessica Polish” text=”(up to the age of 12)” price=”£14″][/qode_pricing_list]

Where can i purchase clomid online - Buy clomid and provera online

A nail revolution; a brand new way to enjoy longer lasting, fast drying polish that gives a gel like shine and does not require professional removal.  Lasts for approximately 10 days.
[qode_pricing_list][qode_pricing_list_item title=”File and Polish” price=”£24″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Manicure (60 minutes) ” price=”£36″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Luxury Manicure (75 minutes) ” price=”£41″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”French Polish ” text=”additional” price=”£4″][/qode_pricing_list]

Jessica GEL Polish

Perfect nails for 3-4 weeks, with long-lasting high gloss shine that will not smudge and dries in seconds.
[qode_pricing_list][qode_pricing_list_item title=”File & Polish” price=”£29″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Manicure ” price=”£38″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Luxury Manicure” price=”£43″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”French Polish ” text=”additional” price=”£4″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Existing Gel Removal (no reapply)” price=”£10″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Gel Removal and Reapplication” price=”£35″][/qode_pricing_list]


[qode_pricing_list][qode_pricing_list_item title=”File & Polish” price=”£20″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”File & Phenom Polish” price=”£24″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”File & Gel Polish” price=”£29″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Pedicure ” price=”£35″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Pedicure with Phenom Polish” price=”£37″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Pedicure with Gel Polish ” price=”£39″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Luxury Pedicure ” price=”£43″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Luxury Pedicure Phenom Polish” price=”£45″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Luxury Pedicure Gel Polish” price=”£49″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”A Little Lady Pedicure” text=”(up to 12 years old)” price=”£14″][/qode_pricing_list]

Nail Art & Design

Stunning nail art and nail designs in fabulous colours.
[qode_pricing_list][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Magpie Nail Glitters (per nail)” price=”£1″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Magpie Glitters (all nails)” price=”£10″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”2 Ring Fingers” price=”£8″][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Additional Finger/Thumb ” price=”£1″][/qode_pricing_list]