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Prior to your appointment, please kindly wait to be called in to the salon by your stylist via your mobile. After each client, we will be undertaking sterilisation, intense cleaning and a turnaround of PPE and protective materials; therefore there may be a slight delay in starting your appointment time.


There is ample of car park space outside of the salons for you to wait in your car, or outside the salon until you are called in.

No cash payments, cards only please. If you wish to leave a cash tip, please kindly have this prepared and in an envelope ready for your stylist.


Please ensure you advise us if you have coloured your hair at home as we may have to allow longer for your appointment. There may also be an extra charge of between £20-£50 if there is an intense colour correction.


Whilst we have these extra measures in place, every appointment will have a £4 surcharge added to your final amount. The mandated safety measures we will be introducing does have a significant financial impact on us, including cost of PPE, extra sterilisation of equipment, and disposable and single use equipment for every client. We hope you can understand the reason behind this small charge, and we will of course remove this when we are able to. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Please come to the appointment by yourself as we must limit the amount of people in the salon at any one time.

You will have your temperature taken upon arrival and asked a few screening questions. If you have a temperature or feel unwell, please do not come to your appointment. If you are awaiting results of a COVID screening test, please do not come to the salon until you have had a negative result.


Refreshments and magazines will no longer be available. You are welcome to bring your own reading material but not your own food. Bottled water will be available with our compliments.


Please kindly be aware of the 1 metre social distancing rule at all times when in the salon.


Your stylist will be wearing a visor at all times, and we ask you to wear a mask that will be provided; if for any medical reasons you cannot wear a mask, please inform us when you arrive.


Most of all, we want you to enjoy your long-awaited hair appointment in the comfort of our safe and sterile salon.


For your reference, please see our buy clomid online usa.