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Reflexology is a therapeutic treatment that aims to balance and de-stress both the mind and body.


This is done by working on the feet, or sometimes the hands, based on the principle that all the nerve endings of the entire body run down to these areas and mirrors the whole body.
By treating the feet it stimulates and balances the corresponding part of the body and relieves any energy blockages that may be found.  Occasionally some tenderness can be felt but usually the feeling of having your feet massaged and worked on is extremely relaxing.


Reflexology is great as a one off treatment to recharge or destress; monthly visits to keep on top of good health or alternatively a course of weekly treatments (usually five or six) to deal with acute or chronic health conditions.  Benefits of reflexology can include better sleep, lowered anxiety and stress, improved circulation and digestion, a stronger immune system and less aches and pains.
Our therapist Sharon Mundey qualified in 2001 in Reflexology and Anatomy & Physiology, both level 3 diploma`s with a distinction grade in Reflexology.  She studied at Morley College in London with Renee Tanner who was taught by the late Doreen Bayly – the pioneer who brought Reflexology to the UK in the 1960`s.  Sharon has done further training in Advanced Reflexology as well as Listening and Counselling skills and Diet and Nutrition.  Sharon worked for many years in a busy clinic in London and has treated clients ranging in age from 5 up to 95!
We are now bringing this wonderful therapy to The Ivy Lodge, every Monday between 9.30am to 4.30pm.  Treatments are £45 for approximately one hour.  Please arrive ten minutes early for your first appointment with Sharon just to complete a simple Health Consultation Form.
To check availability or book an appointment please go to our buy clomid online usa or buy clomid in mexico.


For any further queries do not hesitate to call Sharon directly on 07717 277713.